Behaviour & Training Services Currently Unavailable

From December 2021, Beau Behaviour will be taking a ‘maternity break’ until Summer 2022. During this time, I will have limited access to email and phone enquiries. I look forward to working with families & their dogs and cats again soon. Thank you – Heli.

Behaviour Consultancy

The unique bond we have with our dogs & cats can be so highly rewarding and enjoyable – Beau Behaviour has helped many owners rediscover this and benefit from the best companionship with their pet.

I offer support for a range of behavioural concerns, for both dogs and cats – if you are unsure whether you should arrange a behaviour consultation or one-2-one training, then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

All types of problem behaviour for dogs and cats are catered for.

For example:

  • destructive behaviour
  • separation-related behaviour (owner absent related)
  • excessive barking
  • nervousness
  • phobias/fears
  • excessive licking/grooming
  • aggression (human and/or animal directed)
  • house soiling
  • behaviours arising from medical conditions (pain, physical trauma)

I strongly believe that each pet should be assessed as an individual, based on their personality, breed, age, gender, background history, home environment and lifestyle – understanding what is reinforcing their behaviour. What works for some, may not work for others – for both the pet and owner. Together, we will work towards your ideal aims and relationship with your pet.

It is important that I observe your pet in their own environment and so it is ideal to carry out behaviour consultations at your home, where your pet is most relaxed. For issues that occur out on walks, we can arrange to split the initial consultation between home and outside.

Depending on the complexity of the behavioural concern, I will discuss and advise follow-up sessions at the time of assessment, to give an idea of a realistic timescale for committed work to take place with your dog or cat. Whilst I will provide the necessary advice and support to help you and your animal, changing behaviour isn’t a quick and instant fix – we need to fully understand underlying motivations and triggers and it takes time to re-train associations and facilitate learning or to strengthen trust and improve confidence.

Following an initial behaviour consultation, I will provide a written report detailing your pet’s treatment plan and offer the opportunity to arrange further practical guidance through follow-up consultations. Your referring vet will also be provided with an assessment report and details about the treatment plan.

All qualified behaviourists should work on veterinary referral for behaviour problems. This is to ensure your pet is fit and healthy, with no underlying medical cause, which could be contributing to the change or deterioration in their behaviour. You may need to make an appointment to see your veterinary surgeon, or if your pet has been seen recently (within the past 6 months), a phone call to get their guidance and consent for referral may be satisfactory.

Referring vets can complete an online referral request here.