Behaviour & Training Services Currently Unavailable

From December 2021, Beau Behaviour will be taking a ‘maternity break’ until Summer 2022. During this time, I will have limited access to email and phone enquiries. I look forward to working with families & their dogs and cats again soon. Thank you – Heli.

One 2 One Training

Training your pet should be fun for everyone involved. Once you understand your animal’s learning ability and build clear and effective communication, you can build virtually any life skill or task imaginable! I can help owners to achieve the results they want, using fair and motivational methods.

No animal is too stubborn or ‘stupid’ to learn, but there may be various factors preventing learning, or making the training process slow and frustrating. Perhaps you have a new pet in your family and you don’t know where or how to begin training them.

Each animal will have their own personality and prior experiences that will also need careful consideration when formulating a training plan. There is no need for harsh punitive methods or scientifically disproved ‘dominance-based’ training. I am passionate about training animals, explaining how and why training will work, and setting owners and their pets up for success!

One-2-one training sessions can be booked as home visits or take place on walk locations or on-site at Beau Behaviour & Training, in Challock, Kent. Generally, training sessions cover all basic skills you’d see in a class (sit, down, stay, recall, leadwork, etc.) but also more targeted areas that you’d prefer to focus time on or need additional support with. One-2-one sessions can accommodate puppies, adult dogs and cats.

  • Puppy socialisation
  • Life Skills training
  • Toilet training
  • Recall
  • Loose-lead walking
  • Clicker Training
  • Tricks and fun enrichment activities

Training sessions can be booked at a day and time to suit you and we can discuss your specific goals and create a personalised learning approach. They can be booked as ‘one-offs’ or booked in blocks, giving you weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions to ensure follow-up and continued support.