Behaviour & Training Services Currently Unavailable

From December 2021, Beau Behaviour will be taking a ‘maternity break’ until Summer 2022. During this time, I will have limited access to email and phone enquiries. I look forward to working with families & their dogs and cats again soon. Thank you – Heli.


I am a first time dog owner and I am so pleased I choose for the personal puppy training classes with Heli. I can not begin to describe how useful this course has been. Heli has been there all the way for me and Ziggy, not only whilst we had our training – which was either at home, in a town or out in a field to ensure that we covered all sorts of situations – but also by telephone and messenger whenever I had a sudden panic or question, always ready with sound advice. You will also be provided with a very detailed hand out which is super handy. If you ever need puppy training, Beau Behaviour is the place to go, I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you Heli for all of your help!

Heli has been an absolute treasure to find. She’s patient, gentle and excellent at giving you all the pertinent information you need to help your pet. Since firework night last year, our dog, Brad, has gone from a willing walker to scared of anything that goes bang but with her guidance and encouragement we are slowly finding the ways to manage his fear and keep him feeling happy and safe.

Hector & I have had the best time at Beau Behaviour puppy classes. I really could not recommend Beau Behaviour more, Heli clearly absolutely loves dogs, she’s brilliant with the pups & she gives really practical advice & teaches really valuable & useful training. Both Hector & I have loved the lessons & gained so much from them!

We were desperate, we had a cute fluffy miniature poodle puppy, who for no apparent reason would suddenly lunge and bite us. Our vet told us about Heli at Beau Behaviour. Heli came to our house, spoke to us, observed our dog and asked for us to film his behaviour where possible. She diagnosed that his aggression was caused by fear, but we felt there was hope. With Heli’s patient help, we began to build his confidence. Heli, recognising his intelligence put together a plan for him – which included agility lessons with a colleague. He is much calmer and continues to improve. Heli’s knowledge and gentleness was just what we all needed. We highly recommend Beau Behaviour & Training.

Albie and I have learnt a huge amount and really enjoyed the course.

From a complete beginner, I feel far more confident in owning and controlling my puppy. I just want to go on and teach him more, so both he and I can enjoy being together.

Heli displays a genuine desire to inspire dog owners to encourage and stimulate their dogs, to have a fulfilling relationship with them. Thank you Heli.

Wonderful class, thank you!

Best training course I have attended…